David McGoveran has written or contributed to a number of published books. These books can be ordered from your local technical bookstore or directly from the publisher. Among the books published to-date are:

The chapter on Decision Support was authored by David McGoveran, with rewrites by C. J. Date. It provides a perspective on DSS, data warehousing, OLAP, and data mining that is compatible with standard relational theory.

Four chapters were authored by David McGoveran. Three discuss missing information and one the twenty-fifth anniversary of the relational model.

Chapters 3, 4, and 5 were co-authored by David McGoveran and discuss the Database Design Principle of Orthogonality, and algorithms that permit view updating.

This book contains a chapter that is a reprint of David McGoveran's article "Beyond OLTP: OnLine Complex Processing".

This text describes Sybase System 10, how it works, and tips on how to use it. Related Sybase and Microsoft products are also covered. It provides a practical approach to relational database theory in the context of the Sybase product line. Although Sybase no longer sells System 10, the product remains in use, the more common and current Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5 is an evolutionary version of System 10, and the book continues to be of value.

Volume 26 contains David McGoveran's article "The Evaluation of Optimizers".

This book contains David McGoveran's article "Fuzzy Logic and Non-Distributive Truth Valuations".

A compendium of work by H. Pierre Noyes and others, this book contains some of David McGoveran's papers on finite and discrete approaches to physics. Most of this written work was done while during the 1980's while a Visiting Scholar with the Theory Group at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Stanford University, although the research underpinning it spanned some twenty years.


The following books are either in development or are being considered:

This book is a collection of chapters by experts in the field of EAI and addresses all the major concerns, beginning with a roadmap to the subject.

This book is an update to A Guide to Sybase and SQL Server. It describes Sybase Adaptive Server 12 and some aspects of future releases.

When complete, this book will be the text book for Alternative Technologies' seminar series The Client/Server University.

A proposed multi-volume collection of articles on information and data warehouse design, especially as it relates to packaged applications such as Baan, PeopleSoft, Oracle, and SAP. Various architectures (such as those of IBM, Informix, Oracle, Sybase, and Teradata) are discussed.

As the title implies, this book examines missing information in the context of the relational model. It discusses the implications of many-valued logic for a relational DBMS and the importance of classical two-valued logic. The reasons that missing information arises in a database are categorized. Design techniques for avoiding the need to use nulls or their equivalent are presented. It expands on the material found in Relational Writings: 1994-1997.

This book provides a comprehensive and scientific definition of DBMS scalability, discusses its importance, and presents the techniques for achieving it in terms of both software and hardware architectural principles. Various widely-held, but incorrect beliefs about scalability are examined and corrected.

This book is being considered. It would become the text for Alternative Technologies' Client/Server University course "Designing Effective Databases".

Feel free to express your interest in these books, and any suggestions you may have. We would be very interested to learn which of the books that are either in progress or are proposed would be of more interest to you.

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