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Transaction Management Evaluation

Alternative Technologies is pleased to announce a forthcoming series of product reports on transaction management. Today's transaction management requirements are far different from those of ten years ago. Our reports follow an objective, detailed evaluation scheme to provide an analysis of individual products. More information will be published as available.

EAI Technical Reference Architecture

Ever wonder how all those EAI products fit together? Need a jump start at evaluating EAI vendor approaches and their compatibility with your enterprise architecture (especially if you don't have one)? Alternative Technologies is working on the problem! Take a look at our EAI Technical Reference Architecture under Publications. And this is just Version 1.0... Later versions are available to clients.

The DBMS Scalability Project

Check out the DBMS Scalabilty Report: Phase I under "Publications"! Both an Executive Overview and the Full report are available (under the "Articles" section of that page), as is DBMS Scalability: The Myths, a slide show (under the "Presentations" section).

Both Oracle and Sybase participated in the original study. Watch this space for new work in this area.

Enterprise Integration Council

After successfully raising the level of awareness in the industry of a variety of EAI issues and reaching a membership of over sixty firms, the EI Council closed its doors. Focusing on EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) and Business Process Management, the organization lacked the financial backing to continue. We founded and chaired the EIC (Enterprise Integration Council with over twenty member companies. Hopefully, the many standards bodies will now take up the challenge.

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