Industry Analyst Services

Alternative Technologies frequently publishes reports on DBMS-related products and vendor strategies. We also provide briefings on new products, technologies, and trends to vendors, consumers, the press, and other analyst groups. Our clients subscribe on a yearly basis and participate in telephone briefings. 

For approximately six years, Alternative Technologies published the Database Product Evaluation Report Series, in-depth analyses of each of the major DBMS vendors' key products. Reports have been published on DB2 (IBM), Interbase (Borland), Informix Online Dynamic Server (Informix), Non-Stop SQL (Tandem), Oracle (Oracle), SQLBase (Gupta), SQL Server (Microsfot), SQL Server (Sybase), Uniface (Uniface), XDB (XDB), and others. Each report follows a standard format and evaluation scheme. Although production of the report series has been suspended, we are currently considering resuming it.  

Members of the press often contact us to comment on vendor announcements, explain the impact or importance of new technologies, or provide a users perspective on current trends. Consumers, vendors, and other analysts rely on Alternative Technologies to convey a technically accurate and unbiased report on the strengths and weaknesses of DBMS-related products and their appropriate use. We examine products beneath the covers (often with the vendor's engineers), actually read the technical documentation, obtain hands-on experience with the products (often in a production environment), have sometimes worked on the products for the vendor, and consider far more than the representations of vendor's marketing personnel when evaluating a product. The result is a depth of technical analysis that is difficult to obtain elsewhere. 

From time-to-time, Alternative Technologies engages in an in-depth study of a particular market or technology issue. These studies result in published reports which we sell to vendors (often reproduced under license as marketing collateral), consumers, and analysts. Examples of such studies include: 

Alternative Technologies often participates in panel discussions and other public forums, and considers representing the interest of the consumer of greatest importance.

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