Intellectual Property

Alternative Technologies holds the rights to a number of patents, patents pending, copyrights, and trade secrets, each of which are available for licensing. This page lists a representative sampling. Interested parties are encouraged to contact us to obtain detailed information under NDA and to negotiate terms.

Adaptive Transaction Management

This patented technology consists of a number of coordinated methods for efficiently implementing and managing complex business transactions. Real-world business transactions do not follow the strictures of, nor the constructs available in, formal transaction theory. This requires technical experts to either translate business transaction requirements into more complex, formal transactions that are barely recognizable to the business user, or else to forego a degree of business reliability and integrity. In today's web-enabled B2B and e-Commerce environments, the demand for usable distributed business transactions is very high. Unfortunately, formal approaches to distributed transaction management have a high performance cost and very complex recovery conditions. The methods introduced for Adaptive Transaction Management permit most business transactions to be implemented directly as understood by business personnel. Simultaneously, automated transaction processing efficiencies are improved and the problems inherent in conventional distributed transaction management (e.g., two-phase commit) are often circumvented. The methods are ideally suited for implementation in business processes shared among multiple business entities and enable the new construct of collaborative transactions.

Accessing And Updating Views and Other Relations In A Relational Database

This patented technology provides a uniform method for accessing and updating all relations in a relational database, including views and other derived relations. The algorithms reduce to practice the concepts described in earlier publications by C. J. Date and D. McGoveran that promised to make almost all relational views updatable. This technology enables a degree of RDBMS usability and bidirectional independence between application and data stores heretofore unavailable, greatly reducing maintenace requirements on both sides of the equation. It also has application to any data migration problem, including those frequently encountered in EAI, database versioning, federated databases, and transparent manipulation of many non-relational data stores.

A Declarative Method for Business Management

This patent pending business method reduces to practice the concepts required to meet the goals introduced in our Zero Management Initiative (see our Publications page). The business methods are compatible with business process management systems and EAI.

Architecture for Plug and Play Pervasive Security Technologies

This trade secret technology enables plug and play of biometric, SmartCard, and other pervasive security technologies using readily available and highly reliable IT infrastructures. Most security technology implementations require heavy investment in proprietary interface hardware, software, and networks. This approach is compatible with the most common infrastructures in today's businesses and readily integrates with existing application software security and EAI systems.

Method and Device for Producing Patterns for Ordinary Footwear Soles

This patented technology provides a means for rapidly producing custom patterns in the soles of footwear such as thongs or beach sandles. The technology is amenable to novelty franchise businesses. Custom messages (such as telephone numbers) and other designs can be imprinted on request at beaches, water parks, etc. or simply used for identification or custom advertising purposes.

Software Methodologies

Alternative Technologies has developed proprietary methodologies for designing and developing distributed applications, data warehouses and data marts, business process management, and enterprise application integration. We have also developed proprietary technical evaluation methods for BPMS, DBMS, EAI, and other products. For more information, see our Products page under Methodologies or contact us directly if you do not find what you want.

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