Transsction Management Report Series

With the combined forces of increased dependence on transaction processing, increasing transaction complexity, increased data volumes, and multiple, uncoordinated transaction protocols, the future of transaction management is more important than ever. Our Transaction Management Report Series explores the issues and the answers. Products will be examined in light of our new Transaction Management Evaluation Scheme.

Business Process Management System Reports

Alternative Technologies is pleased to announce the BPMS (Business Process Management System) Reports. These reports offer an in-depth Evaluation Scheme discussing BPMS architectural and functional features, as well as providing an introduction to the market, benefits, and uses of the technology. In the interim, please contact us directly for more information about availability and pricing of these and other reports.

DataBase Product Evaluation Report Series

Our Database Product Evaluation Report Series (which evaluate products such as IBM's DB2, Oracle9, and Sybase Adaptive Server) have been discontinued. We will post a notice here when publication resumes.

Custom Report Series

From time-to-time, or under contract, Alternative Technologies publishes reports on key topics and popular EAI, BPMS, or DBMS products. Contact us directly for more information about these and other reports.

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