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"In addition to being a successful author, gifted teacher and expert in the Industry, David is invaluable in positioning companies to take advantage of specific market opportunities. His analysis and feedback can make the difference between success and failure in introducing new products, while remaining competitive with existing offerings." --- Beverly Brown (former VP Marketing, Ingres)

"There are people who understand the products. There are a few who understand relational theory. There are even fewer who understand both. David McGoveran is one of those few." --- Chris Date, independent author (for example, Introduction to Database Systems), lecturer, researcher, and consultant.)

"From the beginning David McGoveran has consistently demonstrated that he has one of the best minds in the database industry. Dave has a novel approach built on tons of experience and a commitment to precision." --- Rob Tholemeier, First Albany (and former analyst, Meta Group)

"David McGoveran has been a contributor to, and user of database technology for the entire history of commercial Relational databases. He has the ability to never lose sight of how companies actually use database and how to get the best value out of anyone's product. David's opinions are always based on facts and reasons and as such, he consistently represents the highest integrity in his work." --- Bob Epstein, former CTO and Founder, Sybase

"Mr. McGoveran's performance as an expert witness was absolutely superb. His presentation was simultaneously low-key, reasonable, comprehensible, and compellingly persuasive. His knowledge of the subject matter was encyclopedic, and his presentation and demeanor were self-confident without any trace of arrogance. I was particularly impressed with his ability to handle cross-examination questions, both hostile and unintelligent, as he was able to correct the examiner's bias or error without denigrating the questioner or appearing at all defensive. I would unhesitatingly recommend him as an expert witness and rate him as one of, if not the best, I have had the pleasure to work with." --- George Cole, Attorney

"David's approach is to take an in-depth look at products, evaluating them in detail, and assessing their applicability in a real-world environment. His analysis does not take vendor claims for granted, but rather, delves into the tough issues.

"As a vendor, you get from David an objective, well-considered opinion of your products. As a customer, you get an honest non-political assessment of market offerings." --- Vickie Farrell, formerly VP Marketing, Tereadata and Director of Marketing, Rdb, Digital Equipment)

"A gentleman and a scholar. That phrase is most applicable to David McGoveran. I've been pleased to know and work with David for many years. He always is SO current on difficult and complex database issues. And yet at the same time, he exhibits a warm and courteous interface to others. David can communicate his knowledge without the slightest trace of the arrogance that many top notch experts exhibit." --- George Schussel, Chairman, Digital Consulting Institute

I enjoyed your "New Methods for Logical/Physical Databse Design" seminar at DCI's Data Warehouse Conference in Orlando on 3/20/98. It should be useful for my planned datamart concerning a "focused factory" area in a manufacturing center I helped build over the last 10 years or so. --- A. J. Burke, Seminar Attendee

David provided a wealth of EAI industry knowledge to our product team. He led a product positioning workshop, performed completive analysis, and technology, engineering and SWOT assessments. David also provided great value with his external view of our market opportunity and go-to-market strategy. I highly recommend his expertise.--- Tony D'Errico, former executive, Candle Corporation

I followed David's publications religiously in the 1990s since he was one of the few publishing deep insights into database technology and uses. I learned. Later, when I rejoined Teradata Corp, I actually got to meet and work with him. He is easy to work being both pleasant and considerate. Underneath that friendly soul, however, is an intellect that boils over with depth and knowledge. As we worked on some articles together, I found he had way too much knowledge and insight into databases and BPM to fit into a mere 2000 words. Yes, we met our goals but it left me thinking how much more he could teach us. I knew he was uniquely talented, but until we worked together I didn't know the half of it. David is a great talent in our industry, someone who makes those around him better for the encounter. Two thumbs up!--- Daniel Graham, Marketing Manager, Teradata

I I have known over the last 6 years, and used him across 3 of my roles, as Director of IBM MQSeries, as VP and divisional director Business Integration for Software AG, and as a board member of the Integration Consortium. David is highly knowledgeable at the detailed level, world class without a doubt, but more. He can see the big picture, over the hill, the implication of certain options/decisions. He will without doubt gain the respect of your most senior and critical architects. In one piece of work David did for me at IBM I collected a number of very senior technical guru's and Director/VP level tech execs from 5 countries. They were some serious heavyweights. David gained respect from all of them, and we got the job done.

Specifically with me, he evangelised the importance and relevance of the emerging BPM technologies and market to the WebSphere division of IBM. This resulted in IBM's successful market entry into the BPM space, and the development and acquisition of the associated technologies.

I highly recommend David for a combined technical and business consulting engagement. --- Jonathan Airey, former executive at IBM and Software AG

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