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Company Backgrounder

Alternative Technologies was founded 1976 by David McGoveran and is located in Deerfield Beach near Boca Raton in Florida. Prior to 2012, it was located in the Santa Cruz mountains near Silicon Valley in California. The firm specializes in delivering unique, strategic innovation. We have provided management consulting and technology consulting services to some of the world's largest companies. Our clients range from new ventures to many Fortune 1000-class companies and Global 2000 firms worldwide. Our consultants have in-depth experience with a wide range of markets and applications including finance, bond trading and portfolio management, insurance, health services, manufacturing, telecommunications, utilities, and many web-based industries. The company offers a variety of strategic consulting services for both management and technology teams. We advise, we design, we produce, we innovate, we educate, and we mentor with integrity.

Management Consulting
Alternative Technologies is called on by leading business managers worldwide to provide strategic consulting to managers. We evaluate and advise on innovative management techniques, product and marketing strategies, business opportunity evaluation, risk assessment, Web-enabled business practices, technology integration, and much more. Today's management teams face the many challenges of an information-driven society and the constraints of heritage business processes, products, and services, and legacy support technologies.

With over over twenty-five years management experience and familiarity with a wide-spectrum of business segments, we offer a unique perspective on and solutions to such critical management problems. Startups as well as firms seeking revitalization have used our CTO Pro Tem services. In selected situations, we serve on a client's Board of Directors or Advisory Board. Companies seeking a market edge license our unique intellectual property. Our high technology marketing services, including new product marketing strategies, business relationship development (mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, and licensing) and competitive evaluations, have been used by firms such as Cognos, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and Sybase. We offer customized seminars on these topics.

Technology Consulting
On the technology side, the company provides design and audit services for end-users and vendors covering needs relating to usability, reliabilty, availability, scalability, and serviceability. We are well-known for our expertise and experience in design and performance audits, application architectures, business process management, database design, development methodology, Web-enablement, migration, enterprise application integration (data-centric, process-centric, or model-driven), performance tuning, database evaluation/selection, and deployment. Alternative Technologies has specialized in solving difficult design and development problems pertaining to distributed (including Web), relational database, and client/server systems. Alternative Technologies has consulted for virtually every major DBMS vendor, as well as many software tool vendors, in the design and marketing of their products. We have provided education services, including both custom onsite and public seminars, globally for large, medium, and small businesses, startups, individuals, and government agencies.

Alternative Technologies' principal consultants and educators have many years of experience designing, developing, and consulting mission critical applications, and solving RDBMS and distributed applications challenges. With broad experience with open and desktop systems (UNIX/LINUX and Windows), fault tolerance, client/server computing, desktop and open systems database products, and the key mainframe products, Alternative Technologies brings a variety of educational and consulting offerings to the database and distributed enterprise application industry. Formerly engaged in product design and development, and in project-based consulting, we often coordinate with, arrange for, or audit such efforts. For example, the firm designed and developed the first commercial CIM system using a relational DBMS. The pioneering client/server system also used custom knowledge-based technology.

Industry Analysts
In our role as industry analysts, Alternative Technologies' consultants and associates have written and published numerous technical product evaluations including series on DBMS and BPMS. We regularly write white papers and technical articles, and often serve as technical consultants to the press, financial analysts, and venture capital firms located throughout the United States, Europe, and the Pacific Rim. As members of the analyst community, we regularly receive regular briefings from key technology firms.

Litigation Support Services
In today's litigious world, businesses must often engage in legal defense of their assets. Causes of litigation range from claims of patent or copyright infringement to claims involving breach of contract, negligence, and tort. Alternative Technologies consultants and associates offer litigation support in the form of consulting and expert witnesses. In addition to our core competence, we have associates with many years of experience with the oil industry, trade unions, FBI, and public service (including the Gulf War cleanup).

Press and Conference Activities
Alternative Technologies serves and has served on the editorial staff of industry publications such as Business Integration Journal (formerly The eAI Journal) and InfoDB. We contribute feature articles and columns. Our founder has been interviewed by magazines such as Fortune, ComputerWorld, InfoWorld, DBMS, Database Programming & Design, and others. We have organized, chaired, co-chaired, or provided keynotes for many conferences including the EAI Conference, DB'Expo, Database World, and Client/Server World as well as corporate and user group conferences. If you would like us to serve on your editorial board, the advisory board of a conference, or similar services, do not hesitate to send us your information via email or post.

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