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Litigation Support Services

Alternative Technologies provides a variety of litigation support services in cases involving intellectual property, breach of contract, fraud, negligence, wrongful termination, industry related injuries, and labor relations including: 

Our experience with the United States legal system spans twenty years. Unlike the consultants in many firms offering litigation support, our consultants spend the majority of their professional time in non-litigation related activities. We currently offer the services of three consultants:

David McGoveran

David McGoveran has qualified as an expert before the court in a variety of topics related to: 

He has worked both plaintiffs' and defendants' representatives. Cases in which Mr. McGoveran has been involved range from misappropriation of intellectual property, fraud, negligence, breach of contract, labor relations, patent infringement, and even criminal cases. Litigants have included software vendors, software consumers, and consulting firms. His litigation support experience has included the subjects of database software, database design, decision support, ETL, query engines, data warehouses and data marts, data access methods, complex distributed application design, software requirements, software quality analysis, and more.

With three patents awarded and four pending (one of which he wrote himself), he is familiar with intellectual property protection and the patenting process, as well as how to read patents with respect to invalidation, claims interpretation, and infringement issues. He has been deposed on numerous occaisions and has been a witness in both state and federal courts.  Mr. McGoveran's litigation support service clients have never lost a case.

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Jerry E. McGoveran

Jerry E. McGoveran is an electrical engineer and the President of Certus Consulting Group. He specializes in integrated circuit design and verification, logic synthesis, system on a chip, test development, fault simulation, timing analysis and optimization, and project management. Specialized skills include Synopsys, Verilog, VHDL, TI C64xx assembly code, AVANT! floorplanning tools, SPICE, and C. He has extensive experience in all aspect of ASIC product design.

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